Admission forms are available on request at the School Administrative Office or through the Internet. Duly completed forms should be returned directly to the point of sale or posted through the Internet. Thereafter, the date to sit for the entrance examination will be communicated to the candidates concerned.

Admission Procedure

A test will be administered on pupils from Pre-School 1 to Primary 6 to determine their academic level taking into account their age. The average cut off mark is 75%. While age is a major criterion for admission because of learning readiness, there could be an age waiver where a child’s performance is exceptionally brilliant or a genius. The subjects the child will be tested on are English Language and Mathematics for Graders and Literacy and Numeracy for Pre-School pupils. Once an admission has been granted, fees must be paid directly to the bank and evidence of deposit submitted to the school in order to reserve a place.

NOTE: Please, Geoann views the placement of a pupil in a year group above his/her age as extra burden on the child and will not consider doing so.

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