About GEOANN Private Schools



Our curriculum is a rich blend of elements from various international models including the British and International Primary curriculum, but built around the Nigerian curriculum framework.


GEOANN School offers a brand of educational services built around a four point agenda:

  1. Impartation of Broad Based Knowledge – that empowers the child for critical thinking and analytical reasoning within local and international contexts.
  2. Impartation of Broad Based Skills – that empowers the child to translate knowledge into practical activities with broad based applications.
  3. Inculcation of Positive Behaviors – that fosters good socio-cultural interactions with the world
  4. Application – helping the child apply acquired knowledge, skills, and behaviors to everyday problem solving.

The frame work for accomplishing our educational agenda is composed of:

  1. OUR CURRICULUM – as much as possible we strive to interpret all subject topics taught in broad base universal context, thereby helping pupils acquire knowledge with international applications and beyond local context. This will help children feel comfortable, and integrate well wherever they find themselves; they will possess the basic knowledge and skills needed to live comfortably with people from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds, and conditions
  2. CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMS – to support our curriculum and ensure that our four point educational agenda is achieved, GEOANN attaches equal importance to co-curricular learning programs which run alongside the curriculum. Such programs include well adapted club activities; Integrated Thematic Instruction for broad based learning, Long Term and daily inset instructional programs as well as open classroom learning programs.
  3. OUR TEACHING STAFF – all members of staff, especially the teaching staff are expected to be individuals who are: above average in intelligence, well-mannered and cultured, resourceful, and international minded.


At the end of the GEOANN school program, our pupils will stand out by the following characteristics:

  1. Versatile in knowledge (within local and universal context)
  2. Confident and articulate in speech
  3. Well-mannered and cultured
  4. Self-regulated


Empowering children for positive, purposeful, and functional living in a fast changing world


  1. Equip children with broad based knowledge of the world.
  2. Impart broad base skills for problem solving and everyday living.
  3. Inculcate fine etiquette and communication skills in the child.


  • To empower children with the knowledge and skills for critical thinking and problem solving within local and international context.
  • To help children translate acquired knowledge into practical activities with broad based application.
  • To instill in children positive behavior that fosters good social-cultural interactions with the world.
  • To teach children to apply acquired knowledge, skills and behaviors to everyday living and problem solving.